Gia Rare Collectibles

Gia Carangi existed in a pre-internet era, where print was the primary medium for her work. Video was even more rare for Gia, as she only gave two on-camera interviews, was in just one TV commercial and was filmed in one runway show. Acquiring an original piece containing her image is rare…a collector’s quest.

Gia 101 : The Essentials

It starts with Gia’s bio, a must-read.  Next, the compelling documentary.  Finally, the HBO movie
in which Angelina Jolie became Gia Carangi.

The Vault:  Rare Gia Carangi Collection

…once you learn Gia’s story, you’ll want to collect 
the rare books and magazines in which she appears.

Exploring Gia Culture & Style

Take a walk in Gia’s shoes.  Get Gia’s look.  
Listen to her favorite music.  Discover her world.

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