An American Girl: The Self-Destruction of Gia documentary film


The Self-Destruction of Gia
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The Self-Destruction of Gia is a documentary film that examines the life and untimely death of Gia Carangi – supermodel, heroin addict, dead at 26.

Through penetrating, in-depth interviews, The Self-Destruction of Gia searches for the dark, destructive forces that affected Gia and contributed to her death. It is a picture of an anguished, frightened young woman grasping for something meaningful in her life.

Those who loved her, worked with her, cried for her, and sat by her deathbed – photographer Francesco Scavullo, creative director Polly Mellen, fashion editor Jade Hobson, designers Vera Wang and Diane Von Furstenberg, supermodel Janice Dickinson, makeup artist and Gia’s girlfriend – Sandy Linter, drug therapist Robert Hilton, and Gia’s mother Kathleen Sperr – are a few of the people who reveal a tormented life spiraling out of control.

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